SAFER Uclh Team Members Biography

Safer Daniela M. Ferreira, PhD

Daniela M. Ferreira, PhD

Professor of Respiratory Infection and Vaccine Immunity, Head of Clinical Sciences Department, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Prof Ferreira obtained a PhD in Immunology in 2009 from the University of Sao Paulo (São Paulo, Brazil). From 2001 to 2009 she trained at Butantan Institute (Sao Paulo, Brazil) on development of novel vaccines against respiratory infections.  Daniela joined the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in 2009 and was appointed as Head of department in 2018. She leads a Programme of work on Respiratory Controlled Human Infection challenge models for vaccine research. Her research focused mainly on:

1) mucosal (nasal and lung) immune responses and correlates of protection against bacteria and virus respiratory infections 

2) development and test of vaccines using Controlled Human Infection challenge models to assess vaccine efficacy 

3) the effect of virus respiratory co-infections (including SARS-CoV2) and host susceptivity (eg high BMI, asthma, COPD, aging, smoke) on immunity to infection

Dr Ferreira’s innovative work on improving vaccines for respiratory infections is supporting the UK’s COVID-19 vaccine development programme. Her team has provided expertise for the trialling of a number of vaccine candidates, including being a leading site for the Phase III trial of the Oxford Vaccine.