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  • What is SAFER Plus?
    SAFER Plus is the continuation of SAFER, our study during the 1st wave of the pandemic. We are set up to study risk of infection/re-infection, immune response to vaccination, behaviours towards vaccination and risk in subsequent pandemic waves and track infection in the hospital environment. We are working with other groups to answer questions around some unique features of COVID-19 like anosmia as well as questions around the impact on mental health. We collaborate with important regional and national studies (LEGACY and SIREN).
  • What does the study involve for a participant?
    Participants in SAFER Plus fill in a baseline questionnaire and a consent form. We try to make it very easy for staff to participate as we are all so busy and all the forms are filled in online with a system that is easy to navigate and quick. Participants have bloods for serology every 4-8 weeks to follow up the trajectory of antibodies over time. They can participate in parts of the study as they wish although so very important for us to achieve good follow up and communication for our results to be as useful as possible.
  • Would I be able to see the results of my serology tests?
    Yes, samples are tested in real time and results are released in real time on EPIC on MyCare with explanatory comments. Participants can access our Team anytime by email.
  • What are the serological tests that I will have in the study?
    The result of the anti-S antibodies is quantitative ie we measure how high the antibody titre is in your blood. From the vaccine clinical trials we know that vaccine responses reach a peak around 3-6 weeks post vaccination and antibodies will protect you from getting sick. You might still get the infection but we don’t expect you to get sick. Therefore following infection control precautions is so important. We do not know exactly what level of antibody will be protective (it is part of what we are trying to understand!). If your test is negative and you are concerned you should contact the SAFER team by email to discuss as an assessment of vaccination dates and history needs to be made.
  • What does the titre (measurement) of antibodies in my results means? What if my test is negative?
    A participant in a study fills a baseline questionnaire, the consent we try to make it very very easy for a test the workers we know where we are busy so we will have everything online they going to send the basement question there's obviously we'll have to think that team